Urban Fiction…. Wow

“Urban Fiction” is fascinating.
Currently reading an excerpt from “A Gangsta A$$ Love Story: Pt 1.”
The sample chapter ended on a cliffhanger.
“See you in hell, muthafucka,” a deep baritone voice promised as the intruder placed the gun on the back of Beast’s head and pulled the trigger.
“Beast” just spent the entire first chapter in an intense lovemaking session with his main squeeze, “Heaven”.
(Love the names by the way)
The lovemaking was so intense that Beast didn’t notice when Heaven took two bullets to the back. Damn heroic, Mr. Beast. Protect your black woman.
“Beast continued to plow into Heaven until a pillow exploded beside his head.”
Beast actually flipped Heaven over and took several bullets to his back, shielding her from further harm.

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