Not special.

He wasn’t special. Never was. Likely never will be special. If he had known he was an infinitesimal, insignificant speck in the universe he would have worked harder in High School. Taken more risks. Focused more on refining a skill rather than relying on a superpower he never really had.

He pinched himself.

Had to stay awake. Had to finish another chapter. He wasn’t special. He didn’t have the ability to warp reality or bend it to his will. Didn’t have telepathic or mind possession powers to make someone else finish his work for him.

“One more chapter,” He willed himself.

He saw a gift in realizing he wasn’t special. That the world nor people on his social media friends list weren’t looking for him. Weren’t waiting for him. That people weren’t aware he existed.

He went upstairs looking for Marcey.

Marcey was in her room. In her bed. Taking a practice exam.

“Hey,” He said to Marcey. “About to sleep?”

“Yeah,” She replied. “A little tired.”

Marcey’s big test was tomorrow. He understood if she chose to sleep an hour earlier than she said she would. He was -selfishly- disappointed. But he understood. Sleeping was the responsible thing to do the night before an important exam. Not drinking wine and watching superhero shows.

“Alright, cool,” He said. “Sleep well.”

“Have any tape?” Marcey asked.

“Sadly… no,” He replied.

“There’s a draft coming from the window,” Marcey said.

“I feel it,” He replied.

Marcey sighed. Looked disappointed.

“I’ll check my room,” He said, though certain he didn’t own any tape.

“Thanks,” Marcey said. “Well, good night.”

“Night,” He said before leaving Marcey’s room.

He wasn’t special. If he was, he’d have the superpower to regulate the weather and temperature in her room. Or… At least own a roll of tape.


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