Site Building, Branding, Progress, Placeholders, and questioning my intentions….

An accomplished entrepreneur pal and semi-mentor of mine –someone I nag via email for startup advice on a daily basis– asked me a very profound question about

He asked…

How do you intend on leveraging it for professional opportunities, or monetizing the site itself?

To which I replied…

“The current site is more of a web-portfolio/placeholder than anything…The plan after full launch is to upload progress on projects, web exclusive content, serials, (some) blog posts, and brief chronicles of my adventures in brand building. It’ll be my visual resume for any possible professional opportunities.”

I thought I gave a decent response. Then I thought about it some more… and more…. and some more….
Then I thought, what’s the sense in waiting to upload progress, web content, and serials. Why not build it now, and  here? Why wait? Who or what am I waiting for?
Writing and posting is within my sphere of possibilities, even at this stage of the “process”.
So, f*** a placeholder. I will do my best to upload at least one blog post of content, minimum bi-weekly.
Yeah…. that’s being progressive.

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