Fleeting Tale Vol. XIII

I’m exhausted.

He barely held his eyes opened.

It felt like someone attached ten pound weights to his eyelashes. One per lash.

He experienced an endless, torturous loop of filing, data entry, answering email… wash, rinse, repeat, drown.

He snatched the last of the spreadsheets from his printer before leaving his office for the copy room where he helped store all of the boxes for the archival initiative.

He plopped the spreadsheet on a desk and scurried back to his office before his manager spotted him.

He took a sip from the Jesus is the Gift! mug on his desk.

Gulp… Gulp….

Room temperature. Flavorless.

Third cup of coffee.


Not a single job replied to him since he decided to change his career and cease applying to administrative positions.

He was just as capable as the people interviewing him. As the people he reported to- except for the ones with law degrees and doctorates of course. He felt these so-called employers should get him while he was still affordable. Before his value skyrocketed once he obtained his degree.

He reclined in his chair.

No more work for him. He was done the archival project. Done with that job.

I’m beat.

He texted his wife.

I’m gonna quit… like, today.

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