My lips are a distraction…

Oh the joys of living with a non artist, non-creative partner.

I’m trying to have a deep, productive conversation about branding and creating content in a way that will attract new readers, and my partner would rather talk about my dry lips.

“Your lips are dry,” She said.

“I’m focused on branding and creating. Not lips,” I reply, slightly irritated. “I don’t need distractions right now.”

“Your lips are a distraction,” She said before yucking like a hyena.

“I guess… yeah,” I dryly replied. “My lips are a distraction.”

She laughs harder.

I sigh.

I don’t find distractions of any kind amusing. Obviously she does.

I’ll make sure to distract her when she wants to have a discussion topics that are important to her. Like Cyber Security. Or BACON.

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