My lips are a distraction…

Oh the joys of living with a non artist, non-creative partner.

I’m trying to have a deep, productive conversation about branding and creating content in a way that will attract new readers, and my partner would rather talk about my dry lips.

“Your lips are dry,” She said.

“I’m focused on branding and creating. Not lips,” I reply, slightly irritated. “I don’t need distractions right now.”

“Your lips are a distraction,” She said before yucking like a hyena.

“I guess… yeah,” I dryly replied. “My lips are a distraction.”

She laughs harder.

I sigh.

I don’t find distractions¬†of any kind amusing. Obviously she does.

I’ll make sure to distract her when she wants to have a discussion topics that are important to her. Like Cyber Security. Or BACON.

Where to next?

Happy Labor Day!

I’ve spent the weekend pondering….

What should I do with this site?

What’s its identity?

What direction I should take this?

How do I build this platform?

Then I realized something else…

I’m thinking way too much!

I bought this site because…. well… I needed a base of operations. A -virtual- place to call my own.

I would network with people and the first question they ask me is “Do you have a website?”

Well now I do. Now I have no idea what do with it.

My only option at this time is to keep writing my stories (adding them to the site), networking, updating regularly and consistently, and pray my website will organically grow into an identity. That’s my hope.

Right now my site is a confusing, boring, uninteresting mess. Lol. But goddammit its a start.


Darrion J